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Bob Winett, Jazz Flautist

I enjoy playing the flute, it has given me a rich life in terms of travel, great experiences and interacting with many super people.

I was privileged to enjoy a longterm friendship, Father and Son relationship and mentorship with both Buddy Collette and James Moody. While both of these were separate relationships, I could not live with myself without mentioning both of these beautiful specimens of humanity and musicality in the same sentence. No matter what I achieve in my life I will never be able to pay back what has been given to me by both of these great friends.

The Universe provided me with some great guides along the way: Bill Greene, Britt Woodman, Sam Most, Jackie Kelso, Ed Thigpen, Sahib Shihab, Hadley Caliman, Frank Wess and Yusef Lateef. I feel fortunate that my heros were kind enough to extend themselves to me.

Geographically Speaking…

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. L.A. is where it all started for me. That’s where I met Buddy, Moody, Britt, Sam and Jackie, giving me my solid foundation in jazz.

In my mid 20s I lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for almost 5 years. While living in Denmark I enjoyed teaching, having over 40 students from a number of countries. I interacted with many kind and special people while in Europe.

I then returned to Los Angeles briefly, then went on to spend 22 years in Seattle, Washington. While in Seattle I was very active playing with various groups I lead. We played all over the Puget Sound in many nice settings including The Columbia Tower Club for 16 years, numerous Jazz nights, boat cruises as well as hundreds of private functions. My Quartet was very active performing concerts for the school system, sharing Jazz with children, high school and college students as well.

Vegas, Baby!

I moved to Las Vegas to dry out!!! after the years in Denmark and the wet climate of Seattle.  I love the desert, it has a very special beauty. While in Las Vegas I have been doing private functions and teaching. Currently I have been doing lots of creative playing with a very fine guitarist by the name of Ted Vieira, Jr.

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