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bob-headshot1I believe a lesson is supposed to be a positive experience and a fun one at that. My goodness, how the world has changed. Their was a time when one had so many books, methods and materials it could easily fill up a music room.  Now with the internet and YouTube so much is accessible, learning has never been easier. Just the same it is good for the development of a flute player to spend some time with a good quality teacher to learn the nature, psychology and intimate secrets of the instrument one on one.

I am confident that I can help you develop a gorgeous full and rich tone along with a solid technique. Once we have these qualities developing we can stretch out and get into a jazz frame of mind. As a part of each lesson we will listen to or watch some great Jazz being played, not only on flute, but on a number of instruments. I believe a deep love of the music in and of itself just makes a better musician and artist.


I can be of special help to the saxophone player who doubles on flute. It is so common for a great sax player to comment that they play at the flute but don’t quite get it.  If this is you, this will be easy to turn around. I can help you and it won’t take that long. I would like to give you the tools and turn you loose.

Online Lessons

If it is not possible for you to come to Las Vegas we can have a rich one on one lesson relationship via Skype. I view this as a wonderful and personal way to share information and be of service.

What is a lesson anyway?

Well at least for me it is a joyful chance to have a musician’s hang and be totally comfortable, not an up tight experience. Good conversation, listening and laughing versus grunting while making mistakes as we work and grow together improving our flute skills.

I am willing to talk on the phone or Skype so that you can check me out before you commit to a lesson. While this is a business, love of playing comes first and foremost with me and I am confident in what I have to give. I want to spread as much light as possible and then some.

Payment is easy. I accept Paypal and credit/debit cards. We can discuss this when you decide to take a lesson.

The Best to you My Friend with a toast to your success and Happy Fluting.

Bob Winett